Web Application Development – A Quick Walkthrough

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Web Application development is a process and practice of developing Web Based Applications. Any software application that can be used over the internet/intranet by the means of a browser (like the Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox etc) is termed as Web Application. Common examples of these applications are Facebook, Twitter and other billions of web applications available over the internet.

These applications can either be Static or Dynamic, i.e. the web application which provides only read-only content are often referred as Static Web Applications or Web Sites, whereas, applications which requires user interaction like registration, login, posting comments or doing anything which requires some sort of input; is often termed as Dynamic Web Applications.

Web Applications has come far way since their inception, from a simple set of several HTML pages hooked together to create static web pages to a Dynamic Web Contents involving content intelligence and richer User experiences.

Dynamic Web Applications are normally n-tier applications which comprise of different tiers to perform a specific task. As for example, the web-site www.facebook.com allows you to use the web page to register yourself and then login to perform social networking, the Page you see on browser is often termed as presentation layer and is delivered to you via Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) comprising of Hypertext Markup Language (predominant markup language for web pages). However, in the other tiers lies the core web application logic to communicate to the persistent layers (normally Databases). In a typical web application, number of layers are often the deciding factor in calling the whole architecture as n- tier architecture for example, 2-tier or 3-tier architecture.

As a developer, you could be involved in writing the code at any of the tiers of the Web Application and which in turn decides which type of developer are you. So, if you are working on writing the piece of code which will create the User Interface, you will often be termed as User interface developer or a front end developer. Whereas, if you are involved in writing the piece of code which sits at the core business layer of the web application and talking to the databases, you will often be termed as the back-end developer or service layer developer.

So whatever kind of developer are you, you need to work towards meeting your end goal, that is; a working software product. So, stay tuned….as I talk about making your development environment more efficient in upcoming posts.