Effective Software Development from a developer’s eye

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I have devoted ten years of my life coding, designing and building robust, scalable and maintainable software. And one thing I learnt all these years is that, designing any application requires a great thought process and as everyone says is the most crucial part of the Software Development Life Cycle, However, in contrary, I always believed and still believes that any Software Development Success depends more on factors which are less talked about and often taken as for granted by people managing it. Answers to some of the following questions have a significant impact on the delivery schedule, quality and overall betterment of any Software being developed. For example,

  • What’s your development approach?
  • How developers are developing a piece of software or a complete application?
  • Are they bumping into each other more often than needed to resolve workspace issues?
  • Do they really understand what they are doing?
  • Is it just the “See it once and repeat it blindly” kind of development / maintenance process that they are following?
  • Is the development process too stereotyped?
  • Is there a way to improve the productivity of the developers using the same set of resources available?

I am trying to put the best practices and my viewpoints in answering these questions via this blog post and more to come in the near future. I am not trying to force the way of doing things but simply trying to put forward my experiences to make it available to all the fellow programmers / developers who wants to take an Organized Approach of Software Development into their day to day programming/ development life.

I started writing this blog because I always felt that Software Development Team comprises of all type of developers, those who know what to and how to do things and those who know how to and what to follow from their peers. By the means of this blog, I intend to bridge that gap between the software development team members by bringing sense of expertise, self-motivation and enthusiasm to attain innovation, high-productivity and ownership to the work they are doing.

So Stay tuned…. for more to come.