Architecting it right

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In IT companies, there are usually many departments at play when it comes to making visions a reality. Different people from different groups have their own way of looking a the big picture. However, One group / department that stands out in terms of making those great ideas/expectations a reality, is technology or engineering.

Many small companies or startups have an unprecedented advantage in terms of building new things from scratch or do a green field architecture, however big players often don’t get this  liberty and are always looking to find new ways to improve their existing products. In the quest of putting company’s name at the top of the competition, big IT companies keep re-inventing the wheels. Re-inventing is not bad, as long as the companies keep the long-term vision in mind and don’t repeat the mistakes that warrant re-inventing again and again in the near future.

Architects along with the focused engineering group play an important role to make this a reality and come up with something that meets the company’s requirements as well as put them at the forefront of the competitor market in the immediate as well foreseeable future.

In IT companies, bread and butter of everyone predominantly depends on the way software product behaves or can sustain the ever increasing demand in changes and load in the system. Many architects often ignore the long-term sustainability of the system and focus on solving the immediate problems in hand, which give rise to the re-invention cycle every now and then.

So next time when you are solving a business problem, don’t only concentrate on what is being asked but try to answer the questions which might arise in the near future.

Happy Architecting!